What is a Concept Note?

The Concept Note is the first part of the application process to the Advocacy Challenge Fund. Applicants wanting to compete in the Advocacy Fund must initially complete a concept note. The Concept Note allows applicants to briefly present how ideas respond to one of the challenges set by the Advocacy Fund. A Concept Note is a brief outline of your proposed project. It is designed to provide the Advocacy Fund management team, which makes all the decisions on the grants, with an overview of your proposed project. Those applicants that are successful at this stage will pass to the second stage of the competition where the Fund will ask applicants to submit a detailed application in the format provided by the Advocacy Fund Managers.

What are the challenges that needs to be addressed?

Your proposal will need to address one of the following challenges to be eligible to be considered for this round of the competition:
•Introduce initiatives to help build the capabilities of PSOs in order for them to identify policy and planning issues, develop policy positions and promote policy proposals to relevant authorities and be actively engaged in advocating the interests of their members
•Strengthen PSOs organizational, governance and management capacity in order to enable them to undertake effectively advocacy activities and develop and implement strategies to become financially self-sufficient.
•Initiatives to promote public awareness of the importance of responsible business including the rights and corporate governance issues

What format should be followed?

You can add in your information by typing in the information in the boxes below each question. The form can be completed in English or Nepali. The form should not exceed 8pages in length.

Download the Concept Note Template

What is the deadline for submission of the concept note?

The deadline for receipt of your application for this stage is no later than 20 June 2016.

Any application received after this date and time will not be accepted

We advise that you discuss your planned submission with the Fund managers well in advance of finalizing your Concept Note and in advance of the deadline to ensure that the ideas are presented correctly and are complete.

Submitting the concept note:

Concept note for the Advocacy Fund will be accepted between 20 May 2016 and 20 June 2016. Review will be started as soon as the applications have been received. Applicants are required to submit the concept note in a soft copy (the main form should be in MS Word format) via email to acf@ilo.org and a signed and sealed hard copy to the ILO office.
Applicants should submit their concept note (in ENGLISH language and typed on standard A4 paper-single-spaced, 12 points font Times New Roman) along with supporting documents.

For further inquiries please send an email to: acf@ilo.org.